Life at Mission Hills Health Care

Resident Accommodations

Several of our 46 resident rooms have recently been remodeled, with more to be completed shortly! Double, triple, and quadruple rooms are available and private rooms can be accomodated, if desired, as well. All rooms are fully equipped for disabled residents and each have their own bathroom facilities. Cable TV connections are available in the rooms for a small fee along with a free tv service in two different activity areas.  Free WiFi internet connectivity is available throughout our entire home. We additionally offer 3 accessible outdoor patios with lush plant life and supervised smoking times. We strive to achieve a home-like atmosphere throughout the building!  


Our residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, such as bingo, morning excercise, live music, religious services, movie nights, and candlelight dinners.   

With the use of our handicapped equipped mini-bus, field trips are available for shopping, swap meets, sailing, or simply to enjoy some fresh air at a nearby park. Friendships with staff and other residents are highly encouraged!

Dining Services

Our fully equipped kitchen and dining room offer all meals served in a restaurant style atmosphere. All diet restrictions can be accomodated for and we offer multiple food options at every meal to increase the options available to our residents. A variety of snack items are also offered in between all meals. Our dietary team closely monitors the diet of all of our residents to ensure that our residents remain healthy, with a focus on constantly improving or maintaining physical condition.  For a small fee, residents' guests are encouraged to come enjoy meals with us!

Resident Care

Our focus is on constantly improving all aspects of resident care.  Twenty-four hour nursing support assures our residents are in good hands.  For the convenience of our residents, we provide most day to day medical services within our home. Such services include physician oversight and visits; xray, lab & pharmaceutical services; specialized review and consultation; and physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitative therapies. We handle nearly all day-to-day care in house, however if a medical emergency arises, our close proximity to several acute hospitals assures any situation can be handled almost instantly. 


We also believe that a healthy body alone is not enough to maintain a healthy spirit. We continually strive to ensure that all of our residents socialize frequently and maintain a feeling of love and self worth.  Our goal is not to be a health care facility, but a place to rehabilitate and improve all aspects of the human emotion.  Our staff is encouraged to be friends as much as they are caregivers. We look after our residents like they are family, miss them when they are out, and love seeing improvement in them.  We look out for their safety, and welcome the feedback they have for how to customize their experience with us.