Rehabilitation and Therapy

Whatever your therapy requirements may be, we are confident that we will be able to guide you or your loved one to the highest degree of recovery possible.


We have highly skilled Physical & Occupational Therapists on staff to assist with you or your loved one's skilled rehabilitative needs.  We additionally have connections with the local acute hospitals to provide assistance with any Speech Therapy required. 


Our Therapy Staff is constantly searching for the newest and most effective techniques and equipment available to ensure that we always provide the best personalized rehabilitation program available.  We have recently moved, expanded and improved our Therapy accomodations and are currently in the process of improving them even further. Our Therapy accomodations provide a safe area to exercise so that progress can be monitored by skilled therapists, nurses, and physicians.     


Skilled Therapy &

Short Term


Restorative Nursing & Long Term

For our long term residents or when you or your loved one has completed physical or occupational therapy treatment our restorative nursing department will be there to help maintain activity levels.  We have a trained restorative nursing department which is dedicated to maintaining and/or improving the activity level of you or your loved one. 


Our restorative nurses are trained CNA's who specialize in therapeutic exercises such as range of motion & walking to improve and maintain mobility .  They also coordinate a restorative feeding program to help promote independence in eating for qualified residents.   


The restorative nursing department works closely with the physical and occupational therapists to ensure that they are consistently utilizing up-to-date techniques correctly and effectively. 

Other Therapy Services

Our dedicated activities department frequently hosts physical therapy and exercise classes.  We also host a variety of games, arts & crafts, and singalong sessions with live music to keep our residents sharp and active.

As part of our therapy and effort to make our residents feel at home, we welcome most animal family members to visit our residents.  We also allow certain family pets to stay with our residents while in our home, after a short evaluation process.   

We are animal lovers ourselves,and believe in the healing and loving connection an animal friend can provide.  Therefore,  we additionally offer animal visits from the San Diego Humane Society and other organizations for residents who don't have an animal friend of their own.